Program Eligibility

Which FirstEnergy utilities are offering incentives?

Builders can qualify for FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities Energy Efficient New Homes Program if their homes are located within the service areas of FirstEnergy‘s Pennsylvania utilities: Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, or West Penn Power.

What are the requirements for a home to qualify?

New homes must achieve modeled energy savings of 15 percent over the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code® to qualify. Additional incentives are available for homes that are ENERGY STAR® certified. Learn more

What building types qualify for incentives?

Eligible building types include single-family detached, townhouses and duplexes, two-on-two condos, and multifamily apartment buildings with greater than five units.

Is there a limit on the total financial incentive that an eligible project can receive?

Beginning on June 2021, incentive limits are in effect based on building type. A maximum incentive of $2,500 per unit is available for single-family detached homes, and low-income homes of all unit types. The maximum incentive is set at $1,500 for townhouses and duplexes, $1,000 per unit for two-on-two condos, and $1,000 per unit for multi-family apartment buildings with greater than five units. View Program Incentive Tiers

Are there incentives for smart thermostats?

Beginning June 1, 2021, smart thermostat incentives are available for builders of new homes serviced by Met-Ed, Penelec, Penn Power, or West Penn Power. Learn More About Smart Thermostat Incentives

How does a home receive ENERGY STAR certification?

ENERGY STAR certification requires builders to become ENERGY STAR Partners. Eligible homes are required to complete all V3.1 checklists and undergo third-party verification by a Home Energy Rater. Find a Rater

What are the eligibility requirements for builders to receive the low-income housing incentive?

Beginning June 2021, incentives are available for the development of low-income housing. The program defines low-income housing as homes inhabited by residents earning no greater than 150 percent of the federal income poverty guideline.

Builders of low-income housing are eligible to receive 33¢ per kWh saved for homes that perform 15 percent better than the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code. Eligible low-income housing that also meets ENERGY STAR V3.1 certification qualifies to receive 38¢ per kWh saved.

Multifamily projects are eligible to receive incentives if the units are individually metered. View Low-Income Incentives

Over what time period are incentives available?

Incentives are available for qualifying homes with a certificate of occupancy on or after June 1, 2021. The program will offer incentives through May 31, 2026, or while funds last.

What if I’m remodeling a home?

Homes undergoing a gut rehab — opening the interior walls down to the studs — may qualify if the project includes building an addition or remodeling part of the home.